Bring contract administration outside your walls.
Enable your trading partners to empower your customers.

Achieve trading partner alignment

Wholesalers submit chargebacks based on their version of the contract. Once contracts are aligned, wholesalers can eliminate many of the errors caused by contract misalignment

Accelerate resolution & service

Researching and resolving chargeback errors and disputes can be time consuming, but with contracts fully aligned and searchable, dispute resolution and responding to customer inquiries can be done in seconds

Increase pricing accuracy

Real-time & validated contract updates remove the risk of contract load delays and inaccuracies for wholesalers and improves pricing accuracy for customers

Rapid & Powerful Contract Research

  • Easily search and filter through contract headers, products, and customers
  • View historical states of a contract every time an update occurs through a history timeline
  • Current/historical contract states are always aligned between trading partners, allowing dispute resolution in seconds

Single Connection to all Trading Partners

  • Replace EDI 845 with a single connection point for all current and future trading partners
  • MediLedger gives you control over the data you receive, enforcing your rules in your trading partner's system
  • The MediLedger Network is decentralized meaning you are connected directly with your trading partner, and have complete control over your data, no 3rd parties involved
Contracts & Chargebacks Solution Modules


Real-time, validated GPO & health system rosters
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Aligned contracts between trading partners
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Accurate chargebacks against aligned contracts
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