Contracts & Chargebacks


With MediLedger Claim Adjudication, wholesalers are enabled with manufacturer business rules that automatically enforce accuracy and adjudicate chargebacks right inside a wholesaler's system.

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Chargebacks without errors or disputes, enforced against aligned contracts

Eliminate errors & disputes

Through claim adjudication, errors are caught at the source through automatic rule enforcement so wholesalers can fix them immediately and eliminate disputes between trading partners.

Automate resubmissions

With chargebacks managed through the MediLedger Network, returns, credits & resubmissions are handled automatically and always stay tied to the original chargeback and invoice.

Ensure pricing accuracy

Chargeback adjudication through MediLedger means Wholesalers always know which prices for which customers are in line with manufacturer contract rules.

Automatic credit memos & resubmissions

  • Returns, Credits, Re-bills handled automatically in wholesaler’s system, and aligned between all trading partners in real-time
  • Automatically generates credit note based on adjudicated chargeback.
  • Link between invoice, chargebacks, resubmissions and credit memos permanently maintained.

Rapid & powerful chargeback research

  • View and search through all chargeback claims and credits.
  • Easily access all chargebacks and claims tied to a single sale.
  • Adjustments and resubmissions generated automatically stay tied to original chargeback and sale for easy dispute resolution.
Contracts & Chargebacks Solution Modules


Real-time, validated GPO & health system rosters
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Aligned contracts between trading partners
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Accurate chargebacks against aligned contracts
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Streamline your contracting and chargebacks today!

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