340B Solutions

Automate and Streamline Your 340B Processes

With MediLedger 340B Solutions, manufacturers and wholesalers gain access to comprehensive tools that ensure accurate and efficient handling of 340B claims and contracts. 

Our platform provides exhaustive eligibility checks, fully automated exceptions, and seamless integration with 340B ESP for comprehensive contract pharmacy exception management.

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Contracts & Chargebacks Solution Modules

Automated Exceptions and Comprehensive Eligibility

  • 🤖 Fully automated exceptions ensure streamlined and accurate processing.
  • ✔️ Exhaustive eligibility checks for 340B claims and contracts.
  • 📢 Communication of fully exhaustive 340B eligibility to wholesalers.

Seamless Integration and Single Source of Truth

  • 🔁 Integration with 3408 ESP for retrieval of exception Contract Pharmacies.
  • 📧 Automated consumption of exception eligibility forms from Group Mailbox.
  • 📚 Maintain a single source of truth for accurate and efficient 340B claim and contract management.

Reduction of Disputes and Errors

  • 🗄️ Reduce the need for manufacturers to maintain the HRSA database records in their current RM/ERP system.
  • ⬇️ Decrease disputes and manual interpretation of claims due to missing data or inaccurate 340B information.

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