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Image of GPO Roster in MediLedger on a monitor

Take the work out of managing your customer ecosystem,
and finally align with your trading partners.

Eliminate manual processes

Manufacturers and wholesalers can eliminate manual effort in retrieving, reconciling and researching GPO membership.

Increase eligibility accuracy

Manufacturers can begin to build automation around contract eligibility based off of predictable roster data, documentation and industry identifiers.

Reduce errors & disputes

Trading partners aligned on GPO rosters and industry identifiers means far fewer chargeback disputes and pricing errors.

Rosters Synced in Real-time

  • New GPO member and location updates are shared in real-time
  • GPO Rosters stay synced between all trading partners
  • GPO Documentation managed and shared directly in MediLedger node

Rapid and Powerful Customer Research

  • View current and historical states of a customer directly with in your MediLedger node
  • Easily search through full sets of roster data from all GPO trading partners
  • One click download of any current or historical state of a GPO roster for further processing
  • Track changes within industry data-sets to maintain internal up to-date customer data
Contracts & Chargebacks Solution Modules


Real-time, validated GPO & health system rosters
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Aligned contracts between trading partners
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Accurate chargebacks against aligned contracts
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Streamline your contracting and chargebacks today!

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