Streamlining Transactions for Distributors

Creating contract alignment and chargeback automation

MediLedger streamlines distributor operations in the life sciences industry by preventing contract misalignments, automating chargeback processes, and aligning pricing data with trading partners.

Our solution is designed to enhance efficiency and improve your cash flow through automated chargeback dispute resolution.
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Network Benefits

Network Benefits for Distributors

Prevent contract misalignment and rebills.
Align pricing data seamlessly with your trading partners.
Automate your chargeback processes for increased efficiency.
Improve cash flow through automated chargeback dispute resolution.
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Learn how MediLedger Can Optimize Your Cashflow

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Craig Cowman

EVP, Strategic Sourcing and Manufacturer ServicesCardinal Health

With MediLedger, we can:

Minimize contract and chargeback errors by validating shared data in real-time

Eliminate time-consuming and manual effort byr esolving claims across trading partners on a single platform.

Adopt mutually beneficial automation to govern shared data

Build automation around contract eligibility based off predictable roster data, documentation, and industry identifiers.

Map identities between trading partners

Cardinal Health is leveraging a blockchain-poweredsolution on the MediLedger network to align the waywe communicate and collaborate with our suppliers.The goal is to improve the complex process ofpharmaceutical chargebacks and ensure priceintegrity across the pharmaceutical supply chain.