About Us

Business, Together

Chronicled is the custodian of MediLedger, an industry-lead, blockchain-based network within the life sciences and healthcare industry. We build solutions on top of the MediLedger Network to facilitate trust and enable automation between trading partners. We have delivered supply chain and revenue management solutions for the life science industry.

Our Mission

Blockchain in Life Sciences and Healthcare

The life sciences and healthcare industry is uniquely complex in how drugs, supplies and equipment move from manufacturing to serving patients. Beyond the supply chain there are regulatory requirements, complicated pricing and contracting relationships and an infinite number of exceptions to every industry standard for how trading partners do business together.

Blockchain presents an opportunity where every company has influence over data and transactions they receive from partners, which means automation can extend beyond internal systems.

Chronicled has a rare combination of experience in the life science industry and talent in blockchain technology, that enables us solve these problems in a way nobody else in the world can.

Our Vision

Platform for industry innovation

Our long term vision is to create a platform where companies in the industry and third parties can collaborate to build their own solutions that solve problems we have never even considered.


Collaborative development sparks an ecosystem where developers and customers work together to create solutions beyond what we can imagine


Companies can come together to combine and build off of these protocol primitives to create products that solve problems between companies.

Network as a Platform

The MediLedger Network becomes a platform with protocol primitives (building blocks) established for any type of information or transactions shared between companies.

Our History

Chronicled + MediLedger

Our Values

Drive Business Forward