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How MediLedger improves gross-to-net savings, eliminating aged write-offs, threshold write-offs, and unapproved distributor deductions.

How MediLedger addresses 340B eligibility.

How MediLedger enables touchless automation between companies with real-time alignment and automatic settlement.


Roster Management: How the network validates GPO rosters

Contract Communication: How the network can provide real-time contract alignment

Claim Adjudication: How the network enforces chargeback accuracy


An opportunity to ask any questions about how the technology works, how we integrate with your ERP/CRM systems, and how we can best serve your company’s current needs.

See MediLedger in Action

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Current Network Members

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Ray Pelliccioti
Director of Enterprise Operations
Johnson & Johnson
“The [MediLedger] blockchain can provide real-time updates to roster and contract communications, reducing errors . . . leading to more accurate processing of contract administration operational processes.”
Susan Lowe
SVP, Supply Chain Operations
FFF Enterprises
“MediLedger has given us access to customer match across partners, immediate contract updates, and accurate GPO roster data.”
Bill Marquardt
Vice President of Product Strategy and Planning,
Premier Inc.
“This innovative approach has the potential to transform how chargebacks work for the industry, allowing us to deliver better services to our members.”