Susanne Somerville

CEO, Chronicled

Haris Kamal

Chief Revenue Officer, Chronicled

Will Harrison

Product Manager, Chronicled

The Life Sciences Industry is moving towards a new paradigm of collaboration and alignment, one that is not run by people, but by algorithms. Trust between trading partners, real-time unification and rules enforced automatically are all made possible by distributed ledger technology or blockchain.

Come learn how value is distributed across all trading partners (participants) for the benefit of all. Many questions have been posed from these deployments and trends are starting to emerge that we plan to share in this exciting new event in the MediLedger Webinar Series. Join us to hear stories and lessons learned from live blockchain deployments in Life Sciences.

  • Join us for this webinar to learn:
  • About the top questions being posed from leading manufacturers, wholesalers and GPOs in Life Sciences on the subject of blockchain
  • How the industry is adapting to blockchain-based data alignment and transaction settlement among trading partners
  • What latest trends are emerging and how you can prepare your organization to participate