One Source & One Standard for Validated GPO Rosters

Tuesday, September 21st, 2021 at 1:00PM ET

For pharmaceutical and healthcare manufacturers, a strong GPO membership management process correlates directly with faster customer evaluation, efficient eligibility determinations, timely contract updates, and a reduction in chargeback disputes. Arguably even more important than a strong internal process is collaboration and alignment with trading partners. Slight differences in everyone's view of GPO membership can cause ripple effects that create unnecessary research and back-and-forth communication for all.

Join us for the next virtual event in the MediLedger Webinar Series to hear from a newly minted member of the MediLedger Network on why they are prioritizing consolidation, validation, and alignment of GPO rosters. Learn how the solution works and learn about some major updates that enable the network to support any roster from any GPO!

  • Questions to be answered:
  • What does it mean to validate rosters and how does that benefit my membership process?
  • What is this new standard for GPO Rosters?
  • What are the benefits of consolidating rosters into one source among manufacturers and wholesalers?