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Webinar: MediLedger's Necessity in the Time of The Great Resignation

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Staffing challenges are impacting sales, marketing, finance, and IT across every company size, regardless of their industry. Executives report it is difficult to find qualified candidates in the revenue management and contracting / chargebacks area.  It’s also difficult to hire analysts, admins, and other frontline staff. To make matters worse, existing team members are also struggling – some to the point of burnout.

According to a recent report form Model N:

98% - The majority of executives face staffing issues in revenue management.

51% - Over half expect issues with staffing and expertise to have a “significant” impact on revenue management in 2022.

57% - Companies with annual revenue of more than $5B do not have the bandwidth to manage the increased workload.

It’s clear that more automation is needed, staff is overburdened and contract alignment today is a highly manual process requiring specific company knowledge, knowledge that may walk out the door at any moment. Enter Mediledger.

In this webinar, we will discuss and illustrate how Mediledger can help your company in this difficult labor market…

Automate the contracts and chargeback process which allows for less staffing or allowing current staff to focus on higher value work activities.

Offer a solution to a highly manual process that requires specific expertise.  Prevent a situation where your most knowledgeable staff member leaves the organization and takes the expertise with them.

Learn why it’s important to eliminate risk by utilizing a solution like Mediledger to drive ROI, especially in a time of tight labor supply.  

Create transparency and predictability in your operations giving you insight and a better ability to manage for the future.

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Will Harrison

Product Manager, Chronicled

Susanne Somerville

CEO, Chronicled

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