MediLedger Building Blocks Webinar

From Impossible to Indispensable: Changing the Game with Zero Knowledge Proofs

Tuesday, November 30th, 2021 from 1:00PM - 2:00PM ET

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Blockchain creates trust through universal transparency. Everyone has the rules and everyone sees whatever is committed to the shared ledger. However, some data and transactions are private and could reveal sensitive or competitive information if revealed in a shared ledger.
This impossible dilemma is pervasive in the world of enterprise blockchain.

Join us in this latest event in the MediLedger Building Block Webinar Series to learn about how Zero Knowledge Proofs are being deployed to turn this impossible challenge into an indispensable solution for the entire life sciences and healthcare industry

Learning goals for the webinar:

Learn what Zero Knowledge Proofs are and how they are used in the MediLedger Network

Learn about exactly what is published to the blockchain and what is not.

Learn about future use cases and the importance of cryptography in scaling blockchain

Team Review


Maksym Petkus

Sr. Blockchain Engineer, Chronicled

Susanne Somerville

CEO, Chronicled

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