MediLedger Webinar Series

Customer Perspective: MediLedger as a Strategic Advance for Preventing Credits and Rebills

August 29, 2023 @ 12PM EST

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Join us on Tuesday, August 29 at 12pm EST for a must-attend MediLedger webinar featuring live customer Corey Greco, who will share invaluable insights into the MediLedger network and its significant impact on the pharmaceutical industry.

In this webinar, you'll:

Get a handle on the major hurdles that the pharmaceutical industry is grappling with and see how MediLedger's innovative solution - Instant Contract Alignment - is turning the tide.

See how the Armas team is leveraging MediLedger to prevent credits and rebills.

Look beyond the present and imagine the future, as we delve into how MediLedger lends a competitive edge and discuss its future in revolutionizing life sciences transacting.

Cap off the session with a vibrant Q&A discussion with Corey.

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Team Review


Corey Greco

VP Sales Operations, Armas Pharmaceuticals

Matthew Perron

Enterprise Account Executive, Chronicled

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