Contract Communication Live on MediLedger and the Foundation of Blockchain for Chargebacks

Tuesday, October 26th, 2021 at 1:00PM ET

Commercial contracts in pharma and healthcare are always being updated with customer eligibility and pricing changes. With past technology, like EDI and other forms of contract communication, there is always misalignment on the latest version of the contract among trading partners.

Join us for the next event in the MediLedger Webinar Series to see a live demonstration of contract communication on the MediLedger Network and learn how these contracts updates shared through MediLedger enable the blockchain technology that is completely transforming how chargebacks are adjudicated.

  • Agenda for the webinar:
  • Overview of the contract - chargeback loop in the past vs the future on MediLedger
  • See contract communication live on the MediLedger Network
  • The NON-technical answer to the question - What is blockchain and why does it matter for chargebacks?