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Achieving 340B Alignment with MediLedger

Section 340B of the Public Health Service Act increases access to quality healthcare by establishing a program for low-cost drugs for covered entities and their patients. This is an important pricing program, which industry players are happy to participate in.

One common challenge, however, is that it is often difficult to discern whether and when an entity is eligible for 340B pricing. Some manufacturers deploy large staffs to manually verify eligibility and affirm revenue from those entities. Others simply give up, not knowing how to keep up with the ever-changing HRSA database and numerous chargeback claims.

MediLedger helps manufacturers address 340B eligibility concerns by:

1. Updating and validating HRSA data in real-time - and aligning this data between manufacturers, distributors, and buyers

2. Giving manufacturers the ability to update records for covered entities and contract pharmacies automatically based on MediLedger’s blockchain tech.

    • In this webinar we will show how, with MediLedger, you can now:
    • Reduce or eliminate pricing misalignment between trading partners.
    • Improve gross-to-net by approving 340B pricing only for those that are eligible.
    • Increase efficiency of commercial operations by reducing manual work.
    • Be a part of bringing the industry together.
    Watch now to get all of your MediLedger and 340B questions answered!

    Want to learn more about the Contracts & Chargebacks solution on the MediLedger Network? This quick 2-min video offers an excellent overview 👇

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    Will Harrison

    Product Manager, Chronicled

    Susanne Somerville

    CEO, Chronicled