MediLedger Webinar Series

Industry Network 2.0 for Settling Pharma Chargebacks, Rebates and Beyond

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Since the advent of computers, companies have exchanged data and transactions through what we refer to as Industry Network 1.0. The most common examples being the Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) or even email, which all require some level of manual processing, error resolution and settlement services within each trading partner. Industry Network 2.0 offers a new platform for trading partners to automate processes between each other and actually settle intra-company transactions automatically.

In the Pharmaceutical industry, intra-company transactions like chargebacks, rebates and other administrative fees are essential across the supply chain. In this event we will walk through the impact of settling these types of transactions automatically through the MediLedger “blockchain-powered” Network, the leading example of Industry Network. 2.0 in Pharma.

  • Below is an overview of the topics being discussed:
  • What is Industry Network 2.0 and how does it differ from Industry Network 1.0?
  • How will Industry Network 2.0 gain traction?
  • What does the roadmap look like for the MediLedger Network?