MediLedger Webinar Series

Industry Network 2.0: From Transferring Data to Settling Transactions

Trust & Automation Between Companies

Automating transactions between trading partners in the Life Sciences Industry through the MediLedger Network

Our Products

Product Verification

Product Verification on MediLedger enables sub-second verification of product identification data for US prescription drugs against original manufacturer data.

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Chronicled Network
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The MediLedger Network

The MediLedger Network combines a secure peer-to-peer messaging network and a decentralized blockchain network to be the ultimate bridge between trading partners

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Working Group

Guided & Governed by the Industry

Chronicled facilitates industry-lead working groups where discussion and collaboration turn into real products that create value between companies.

Products developed by the industry for the industry. Join us to be a part of the solution!

Chronicled Ecosystems

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