How It Works

Our network of sneaker experts, retail, and brand partners are adding tamper proof Smart Tags to every pair of authentic sneakers. Smart Tags give each sneaker a digital presence on the Internet. Now anyone can verify a sneaker's authenticity with the tap of a mobile phone.

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Claim Your Sneakers

Use the Chronicled app to interact with Smart Tags and claim your authenticity guarantee.

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Add your sneakers to your collection, follow other people's collections, and track your wishlist of grails.

Legit Check

Visit our booth at sneaker events, or reserve a spot to have your entire collection authenticated by one of our experts..

Why Chronicled

Eliminate Doubt

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Verify a pair of sneakers with the Chronicled app to instantly confirm authenticity.

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If a sneaker with a Smart Tag is verified, we guarantee their authenticity or your money back.

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We’re using the latest in NFC technology and cryptography to eliminate the possibility of forgery.