Product Verification

Verification Router System powered by blockchain

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Enables sub-second electronic verification of prescription medicine in the US
Fulfills verification requirements for saleable returns and suspect products under the Drug Supply Chain Security Act
Interoperable with other VRS solutions including easy management of M&A activity  even before NDC changes

Wholesalers can scan from the warehouse

When serialized product is returned to the distributor it can be scanned in the warehouse for verification  

Identified in under a second

Using the always up-to-date look up directory, the  verification message is routed to the correct private node and the GTIN, serial number, lot number and expiration date are verified

Verified product can be re-sold

Product Verification on MediLedger meets the saleable return requirements of the Drug Supply Chain and Security Act

Merger or acquisition of a manufacturer

After a merger or  acquisition, responsibility for a GTIN can easily be transferred from one manufacturer to another and immediately updated in every network node

Zero impact from M&A on verification process

The transferred GTIN is seamlessly verified by the distributor without any delay or triggering an investigation

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