Mission: To create the world’s most trusted IoT and supply chain ecosystems

IoT Products

We offer several IoT connected identity and data logging products, e.g. TempLogger, CryptoSeal, Identity Inlays, where our blockchain backend offers advantages over conventional methods.


We connect IoT devices to blockchain by provisioning the devices with cryptographic identities and firmware as well as cryptographic data-signing capabilities.


The Chronicled API enables enterprises to leverage blockchain synchronization capabilities for their own IoT platforms, and supports ERP integration and flexible data modeling.


We leverage the API to create special purpose adapters for supply chain and M2M clients to log chain of custody, proof-of-proximity, and other events directly into blockchain systems.


We offer Android and iOS Apps to provision and verify IoT microchip products. Our Android app is positioned for smart supply chain and our iOS app is optimized for user engagement applications.

Synchronization Engine

Our server constantly synchronizes with multiple blockchain systems so that we can offer both high performance data querying and blockchain attestation and verification services.


We support public and enterprise blockchains including Quorum, Ethereum, and Hyperledger, and over time we intend to support additional blockchains as requested by clients.

Our code to register and verify cryptographic identities and automate business logic through smart contracts is published under Apache 2.0 license as open source.

Trusted IoT Alliance

We are a founding member of an open source foundation developing pilots, standards, and tools for IoT, supply chain, and M2M business applications on blockchain systems.