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Improve dispenser customer experience by eliminating add-bills
Accelerate cash flow by speeding up claim approvals
Solve revenue leakage by gaining sales visibility
Cut manual data processing and dispute resolution costs

Enforce business rules in your partner’s system

Trading Partners can enforce business rules for customer data and contract updates so that chargeback errors are fixed at the source.

Rely on Industry Wide 3rd Party Data

All trading partners in the MediLedger Network operate on the same HIN, DEA and 340B data integrated directly with the network.

Align on Customer Identity with your Trading Partners

Manufacturers establish and communicate a clear customer identity through MediLedger so all partners know they are talking about the same customer for every chargeback

Automate Contract Customer Evaluation

Manufacturers can automate contract eligibility utilizing integrated data assessed against their own eligibility rules

Rapid Customer and Contract Research

Historical data and research tools enable rapid resolution for remaining errors and disputes

Accurate Chargbacks

Distributors always have valid, up-to-date contract pricing so chargebacks are always valid and can be adjudicated automatically

Streamline chargebacks today

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